Wishing to join? To ensure the health of the Network, each new partner is screened with regard to being a trustworthy business partner. Part of this is an extensive due diligence questionnaire that focuses on such considerations as:

Can you/your company make a significant part of the territory’s import and export in your market segment?

Do both you/your company and Partners Network believe that working as partners can improve results and decrease costs, so that both parties will experience long-term satisfaction?

Can you/your company use the advantages of Partners Network in order to distribute more products, and having more origins/destinations than before?

Membership of Partners Network is strengthened by each partner agreeing to rules of engagement – a code of honour. That code of honour ensures the health of Partners Network, so that we can cooperate in an atmosphere of openness and sharing, a sense of belonging and partnership, team spirit and solidarity. Win/win isn’t just words. It’s crucial as a starting point for everyone in the supply chain. Our shared interests make us a strategic and tactical alliance.